In Profile: Narelle Crooks

A mum with a high work ethic and dedication to improving herself, she has raced from sprint through to Ironman, and gains so much more from her sport than just the finishers medal….

Name: Narelle Crooks

Nickname: Crooksie (no explanation required!)

Age / Age Group: Just moved up to 45-49.

Lives: Elwood Melbourne. Nice and close for riding Beach Rd!

Targeted Sport: Right now triathlon, although this might be changing in the near future…..

Years in the Sport: 11 on and off due to having Mitchell and managing injuries / the body.

How did you get started: : I had always wanted to “try a tri”, however I never swam and only rode a bike occasionally but had started to run, including doing Run 4 the Kids and the Melbourne Half Marathon. One day I mentioned this to a triathlete at work and he suggested joining Tri Alliance as they had a great beginners program. All went pretty well other than my first swim session where I felt so useless that I nearly didn’t go back. Lucky I did though, as there have been lots of great moments and friendships formed over the past 11 years. Including the most important one with Nathan (hubby!) 🙂

Why I choose CPC: Sarah was one of the coaches when I first started in the sport and when I moved to a personal program coming back from injury she always managed to get the best out of me. Over the years we have became good friends and when she moved on from the club I really missed her and her coaching style. Anyway fast forward a few years and I decided to change things up a bit so called Sarah to see if she would take me on again. The best bit about CPC and Sarah’s style is that she motivates and pushes you outside of your comfort zone but at the same time understands that you have a life outside of triathlon and plans around that.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: There are so many ways that sport benefits me but two that I want to share:

  1. My sport is about me. When I am out training or racing I am not a someone’s leader or colleague, I am not someone’s partner or mother, I am just me out doing it for myself.  
  2. All the people I have met through the sport and the amazing friends that I have made. I love being able to jump on the bike, meet up with friends and just go for a ride (and maybe a coffee too!).

Ultimate Goal: Continue to challenge myself but enjoy it at the same time.

What I couldn’t live without: My coffee machine!

Biggest love: My family (and maybe my coffee machine).

Pet peeve!: Men who cut in on me at traffic lights after I’ve passed them only to slow back down again once they get in front…I’m sorry but it happens way too often on Beach Rd!

Interesting fact about me: I signed up to do the my first (and only) Ironman when Mitchell was only 6 weeks old…crazy!!

In Profile: Alison Faulkner

If there is a sport, Al has probably tried it! In her spare time she loves to train on two wheels, but during her working hours she’s a lover of 4 hooves. An accomplished athlete in so many ways overcoming many battles along the way she never ceases to amaze.

Name: Alison Faulkner

Nickname: Al

Age / Age Group: Under 30

Lives: Woodend, Vic

Targeted Sport: Ocean Swimming / Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 12

How I started: I did a ‘come and tri’ program at school, and have been in and out of the sport ever since.

Why I choose CPC: Followed Sarah for the past 11 years as she has coached me all those years through thick and thin

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It has created so many opportunities in my life and a lot of travel opportunities too !

Ultimate Goal: Make it back to a world champs in the near future!

What I couldn’t live without: My Pets!

Biggest love: Sport! It’s in my blood. 🙂

Pet peeve!: Injuries… :-/

Interesting fact about me: Horse riding is my life outside of triathlon

In Profile: Caroline Houston

An athlete that continues to learn and grow and a pleasure to coach. Always striving to get the most from herself, and will happily pack her runners before heels when going away….

Name: Caroline Houston

Nickname: Feel free to suggest! (ok -! pocket rocket, speedy, krafty…) :-p

Age Group: Old ! (60+) (EDIT: we call ripe.) 😉

Lives: Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

How I got started:  Water cooler chat at work and I was roped in to do the Corporate Tri ! Here I still am !

Why I choose CPC: I have been with a couple of groups (which I really enjoyed) and was looking for a more tailored program to suit my needs and capabilities to help me progress and achieve my goal of completing a full Ironman.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: For my sanity, and of those around me, my life has to involve actively participating in sport. It keeps me grounded by giving me focused thinking time and it keeps me challenged. The best part is the people that you meet and train with – they keep you honest, and, it’s great to make the journey together to celebrate their experiences too.

Ultimate Goal: Do a Tri when I am 70 ?!!? 😂😂. Actually, the goalposts keep shifting, so I am in ‘ move it or lose it’ mode right now !

What I couldn’t live without: Being active, my family (see next q), friends & maybe my bike !

Biggest love: My husband – sounds really squishy, been through thick and thin, and, he puts up with all my moaning and groaning but is still my rock.

Pet peeve!: If I forget my list

Interesting fact about me: It’s hard to find yourself interesting! My sporting wardrobe is always the first thing that goes in the bag when we go away, and, with 7 pairs of runners, 3 pairs of bike shoes (and the list goes on!) there is plenty of choice 👍

In Profile: Andy Rogers

A marathon veteran, and a park run addict, Andy dreams of talking his next marathon somewhere special while also aiming to break the magic 3hr barrier!

Name: Andy Rogers

Nickname: Pommie

Age / Age Group: 48

Lives: Moama, NSW

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 10

My coach introduced me to Triathlon

Why I choose CPC: Because its the # 1 coaching company of course! 😉

What I ‘get’ from my sport:

The impact sport has on my life is never to be underestimated. I do some kind of activity every day. Without this in my life, for me, there would be a big void.

Recently I have discovered even more how important my running is to me. In the middle of 2020 I found myself not in a good place. When I was in my darkest moments I would put my shoes on and just run. The open fresh air just made me feel great and helped me reset my mind. Exercise has a massive impact on people’s wellbeing, me included.

Ultimate Goal: To do a second IM and to enjoy my 10th marathon somewhere special and hopefully break 3hr marathon one day !

What I couldn’t live without: Running !

Biggest love: Family

Pet peeve!: Dogs hassling you when you are running

Interesting fact about me: I have 5 children. Oh and I’m a park run addict ! 😉

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In Profile: Faz Zamani

Want a reason to jump on a bike, for Faz, there doesn’t have to be a reason other than to simply enjoy the pleasure (and pain!) of two wheels ! Nothing can really beat that…

Name: Farinaz Zamani

Nickname: Faz

Age Group: 36

Lives: Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Running & Cycling

Years in the Sport: Running – ten years. Cycling – six years.

How I got started:  I started running out of pure curiosity to see if I could and I was hooked straightaway. Small runs turned into 5km trots and next minute I was running half marathon and full marathons.

I started cycling after I signed up for my first ever sprint triathlon. Though I didn’t end up loving Tri’s I did fall in love with cycling and it’s a big part of my life now.

Why I choose CPC: Because it’s an authentic, down to earth and comprehensive coaching service that takes into account each athletes unique factors. I have been training with Sarah for nearly six years now and she has helped me grow into a stronger and happier human ☺️

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Both running and cycling keep me sane. Running is my meditation time; I can switch off and literally concentrate on my breathing.

Cycling provides me with a balanced and happy social life where I get to hang out with some of my closest friends whilst getting fit and enjoying the outdoors.

Ultimate Goal: Would love to run another marathon. I’ve ran four and five just seems like a nicer number 😂 Cycling goal has always been the same – have fun and maybe beat some PRs here and there ☺️

What I couldn’t live without: My family, friends and my Ragdoll Cat, Luigi ☺️.

Biggest love: Travel (with my bike and my runners!)

Pet peeve!: People who talk in the cinema 😂

Interesting fact about me: I play with my ear lobes when I’m really tired 😴

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In Profile: Monique Ralph

A self confessed over achiever, with a high stress and unpredictable job, Monz uses her sport help destress, but also work on improving herself…

Name: Monique Ralph

Nickname: Monz

Age Group: 45-49F

Lives: Cairns, QLD

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 12

How I got started: I used to play high level cricket and when it was all over I was looking to fill a void and as I was swimming, riding and running with cricket – so triathlon just made sense!

Why I choose CPC: I have followed Sarah for a number of years and really like her attitude and approach to making sure there is a balance with training and life. As an A+++ personality I struggle to balance myself, so Sarah was a great choice to help me! I love the community CPC has built and I feel like I am a part of the family!

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I have a very stressful and unpredictable job so my training returns me to the present and allows me to destress and feel better about myself. I love training and trying to improve myself.

Ultimate Goal: To get better at MTB and overcome some fears!

What I couldn’t live without: My partner ❤️ and of course my bikes.

Biggest love: Being outside and on a bike

Pet peeve!: Rudeness

Interesting fact about me: I have 3 degrees. 2 masters degrees and a bachelor as I am a massive overachiever 🤓🤓🤓

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