Athlete in Profile: Oliver McNulty

An Irishman now living in a town smaller than most triathlons get entries… The idea of Ironman was born after volunteering at Ironman Melbourne, and is now on a mission to that finish line…

Name: liver (Ollie) McNulty

Nickname: Thankfully no one knows some of my nicknames growing up. I occasionally get called Irish (Imaginative) or Big O not that I understand what that means either…

Age / Age Group: 45+

Lives: I moved from Ireland to Echuca, from there to SwanHill, Deniliquin and now Balranald NSW. I reckon I have found one of the smallest Councils now to work in (give balranald a google!), next step will be to move back to civilisation in a few years. 😉

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: I did my first splash and dash 5 years ago

How did you get started:  Working in Council I helped the Tri Club get ready for the Echuca Tri. I got to know some of the local legends of Tri and they convinced me to volunteer at Ironman Melbourne for 2 years before I took the plunge myself at the end of 2015 to tri a triathlon. I was an ex footballer looking for a reason to push myself.

Why I choose CPC: I was introduced to Sarah when I did Busso in 2016. I liked her approach and I was keen to get started with a coach. Over the past five years I have some work and life challenges and Sarah always takes this on board. She is more than just a coach as she recognises that life can sometimes get in the way and that coaching and training needs to be flexible. Sarah is a coach, at times a councillor and a mate. She looks out for all her athletes.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Sport has always been a massive part of my life. I love all sports, watching and taking part. It is also a great way to get to know people and develop social circles. When I am finding times hard its a great way to relax and stop the mind from spinning.

Ultimate Goal: To become an Ironman.

What I couldn’t live without: Zwift and Zoom with my family being spread across the world it has been so important this past year

Biggest love: Family

Pet peeve!: Armchair critcs

Interesting fact about me: I have 8 brothers and sisters. 2 in Australia 2 in America and the rest back in Ireland.

Athlete in Profile: Robert Green

A man that once you will meet, you will never forget. Genuine. Hard working. Honest. Reliable. Traits not only we all strive for in life, but are invaluable as an athlete…..

Name: Robert Green

Nickname: Robbie or Greenie (it’s pretty obvious…)

Age / Age Group: Grandpa Age 😉

Lives: Mont Albert….Melbourne is the best.

Targeted Sport:
Cycling…..none of that running or swimming 🤫
Basketball…that’s my life
Skiing….it’s awesome

Years in the Sport: Cycling…to school mid last century !

How did you get started:  Structured riding last 5 years and a MAMIL for a decade before that. :-p

Why I choose CPC: Training Peaks said Sarah was the best coach….easy decision.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s a passion, I’m trying to relive my youth and defeating Father Time as he advances.

Ultimate Goal: To be able to keep riding as others hang up their bikes.

What I couldn’t live without: A riding kit ready to ride tomorrow (garmin to)

Biggest love: All the people I’ve met riding.

Pet peeve!: Cars pass me then cut me off & Di2 outa juice !

Interesting fact about me: If you say I can’t do something…then I have to do it ( legally of course) Love a challenge.

Athlete in Profile: Steve Gray

A 33year veteran in the sport of triathlon, and there’s not much he hasn’t accomplished in those 33 years. A lover of vintage cars, and just like a fine wine, keeps getting better with age….

Name: Steve Gray

Nickname: Sugar (someone has to ask what this is all about!) 😉

Age / Age Group: 50-54

Lives: Echuca, Victoria

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: On and off since 1988 so 33 years !

How did you get started:  I swam in a team and thought I could tackle the whole thing myself. I was hooked after that.

Why I choose CPC: Have known and admired Sarah and and the way she goes about her coaching for a while and when she moved to Echuca I was glad to have a local coach that could tweak my old way of thinking to ring a bit more out of an ageing body. I only ever had remote coaches so to have Sarah close by to guide me has been great.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Triathlon keeps me active and being competitive ensures I push myself to train regularly which in turn keeps me engaged socially with my mates. Healthy body and mind. Most of the time 😂

Ultimate Goal: Stay competitive and keep racing and training until I’m very old. 🙂

What I couldn’t live without: A coffee with my mates after a hard training session.

Biggest love: My wife Bec

Pet peeve!: Hoons in loud 6 or 4 cylinder cars

Interesting fact about me: I own a 66 falcon Ute and my wife has the matching 66 falcon wagon.

Athlete in Profile: Sarah Mulkearns (Grove)

Not only a triathlete, cyclist, runner and mother herself, but a Coach and the founder of Complete Per4mance Coaching. Falling into the sport after a running injury 12 years ago, she has never looked back….

Name: Sarah Mulkearns (Grove)

Nickname: Coach. Rocket. Sar. ‘ Mummy’ ;-p

Age / Age Group: 35-39. Closer to 39. 😉

Lives: Echuca / Moama

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 12 years

How did you get started: I was injured from running, so my physio at the time said the only exercise I could do was swimming or riding a bike. I disliked swimming, and I hadn’t ridden a bike since my school years. BUT when there’s a love for health and fitness, I decided to give them both a go again! So I started swimming (if you can call it that..) and riding an old road bike from my high school days. And actually found I started to enjoy both. (Although swimming didn’t feel like it was getting any easier!) A work colleague who was racing triathlons encouraged me to try a triathlon when I was allowed to run again. So I did….. And here I am, 12 years later, still racing as well as coaching other athletes in the sport ! 🙂

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the discipline. The variety. The social connections. And the chance to push the bodies boundaries! I actually probably love the training itself than racing. I love the structure and routine of training, and staying, fit and healthy and feeling strong year round.

Ultimate Goal: To race alongside one (or both!) of my children when they get older. 🙂

What I couldn’t live without: Chocolate. (well I probably could, but I wouldn’t want to! 😉

Biggest love: My hubby and two incredible kids.

Pet peeve!: Noisy eaters. I shudder just writing it ! :-p

Interesting fact about me: My first paid job was milking cows on my parents farm when I was 12yo. 🙂 I learnt early on about hard work – and saving money ! Oh and I’ve never drunk a cup of coffee in my life. (don’t judge me for it!) 😉

Athlete in Profile: Trav Hore

A man on an Ironman mission. BUT don’t ever ignore his friend request, honk your horn in traffic, or run past him in an Ironman! Want to know what that’s all about?? Then read on…..

Name: Trav Hore

Nickname: The Big Horse (meet him and you will understand!)

Age / Age Group: 50-54

Lives: Echuca / Moama

Targeted Sport: Ironman

Years in the Sport: 4 years

How did you get started: : Fell in with a ‘bad bunch’ and it just descended from there.

Why I choose CPC: Because I’m on a mission of self improvement. I also once sent CPC a friend request on FB and wasn’t responded to / accepted in my golden rule time of 24 hrs so I retracted it, on reflection that may have been a bit harsh. :-p (got his sense of humor yet?!) 😉

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It is the greatest sport going around it grinds you to the ground where you think you cannot go on then sprinkles the littlest bit of self belief on you and the feeling of finishing is euphoric for weeks!

Ultimate Goal: Sub 12 Ironman – lofty but🤷‍♂️ hey why not !

What I couldn’t live without: My Garmin

Biggest love: My Wife – she puts up with a hell of a lot

Pet peeve!: People who honk their horns in traffic, seriously f*ck off !

Interesting fact about me: I have proven Viking DNA and when young blokes run past me in the run leg of an Ironman I normally ask them can they also bench press their own body weight. (honestly – I don’t know whether to believe him or not either?! you decide!) lol

In Profile: Sharon Smith

An athlete who never knew she was one until she turned her life around from a pack a day smoker to podium finisher! What else is she capable of??!!…..

Name: Sharon Smith

Nickname: Scoota: (now let me explain…) A previous coach use to affectionately refer to a small group of his athletes as Pandas (like in the cartoon Kung fu). We just needed a little more attention and lots of encouragement. It was from there the adventures of Speedie (AKA Caroline) and Scoota started. Two pandas who love Triathalon and having fun together

Age / Age Group: 55-60

Lives: StKilda West, Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 7 years

How did you get started: :My now husband was starting his Ironman journey, he encouraged me and made believe anything is possible. I would come along to some of his training session and get pulled in. I won an entry to my first tri( so rigged) and there was no turning back!

Why I choose CPC: I met Sarah at a previous Triathalon club and years later I was really impressed by this bucket of energy who had totally reinvent herself. I loved her philosophy and her realistic smart approach to training.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It can’t be measured, it keeps me sane, it’s helped me to became more organised. I have the most amazing friends associated with the sport. I love training, it helps me to be more balanced, happy , strong and to appreciate others around me.

Ultimate Goal: So many, ultimately an Ironman if the body is willing

What I couldn’t live without: Peter, my partner in life, my friends and a good coffee

Biggest love: My bike ( and Peter)

Pet peeve!: Cyclist who don’t follow the road rules and gives us all a bad name

Interesting fact about me: There was a time in my life when I was very overweight, I smoked a packet of cigarettes a day and my idea of exercise was swimming to a pool bar . I had never won anything until my 55th birthday – proof anything absolutely is possible ! !