Athlete in Profile: Shaun Wilton

Following in his wife’s footsteps into the triathlon realm only 12 months ago, Shaun too caught the ‘triathlon bug’, and has thrown himself into his training and now has his sights on his first Half Ironman !

Name: Shaun Wilton

Nickname: NONE! (maybe we need to change that…) ;-p

Age / Age Group: 46

Lives: Box Hill North, VIC

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 1 !

How did you get started: My wife joined a 6 week “Get into Tri” program with the Nunawading Triathlon Club back in Jan 2020 and raced in two of the 2XU races that season. She then joined the club formally and continued to train after the season finished. Leading into the 20/21 season and watching my wife train all year for it, I thought I would give it a crack and joined the same 6 week program in Jan 21. It was a big step for me as I have never been a ‘sports’ person but really wanted to improve my health and fitness.

Why I choose CPC: My wife (there is a theme here!) engaged with CPC to help her prepare for both the 2XU season as a whole and, more importantly, her first Olympic distance Tri. After seeing first hand the approach CPC took to coaching, I knew it would be the right choice for me as I felt I needed the structure in the off season as well as ramping up to my first 70.3 in November 2022.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the people, both at the Nunawading Triathlon Club, but as a whole. The triathlon community is so welcoming, supportive and fun! Having so many motivated, happy and helpful people around you has such a positive impact. I also love the races, as I have never played a sport or competed in anything in my life until now. Whilst I am not chasing podiums, it is the thrill, the nerves and adrenalin that you get to experience!

Ultimate Goal:  Still trying to figure this one out… maybe just being able to commit to a goal!!

What I couldn’t live without: Sugar… sigh, I really need to do something about that!!

Biggest love: Overseas travel with my family… it’s been a while!!

Pet peeve!: The lack of common courtesy these days.

Interesting fact about me: I have, what looks like, a second left knee cap. Caused by Osgood Schlatters from when I was a teenager.

Athlete in Profile: Janelle Wolski

A mum of 3, a triathlete, a softballer and a mean cook. Janelle returns to the CPC fold after having a hiatus from structured triathlon training and racing and ready to reap the benefits again!

Name: Janelle Wolski

Nickname: Nell

Age / Age Group: 45-50

Lives: Newcastle, NSW

Targeted Sport: Triathlon and softball during summer

Years in the Sport: triathlon 6 years / softball very many years

How did you get started: Triathlon – I was the swimmer in many team Tri events . I never thought i could do all 3 disciplines because I struggle with running but I had a go in 2016 and loved it .

Why I choose CPC: Sarah’s great , she coached me towards Forster Half/70.3 a few years ago and I am keen to get back onboard with Sarah , take the guess work out of my training and get the work / life balance right

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Sport is therapy , it is challenging , rewarding , you meet great people and it makes me happy. 🙂

Ultimate Goal:  get to western sydney 70.3 in September feeling good / fit and ready to race . A bonus will be to beat a previous time .Marathon.

What I couldn’t live without: My husband and 3 boys and family

Biggest love: My house full of boys and pet dog Daisy (I think we need to see said dog. Who doesn’t love a dog pic!) :-p

Pet peeve!: Finding an old open gel in my bag (ohhh yesss we know that feeling!)

Interesting fact about me: I cook an awesome potato bake ! (I think we need to TASTE said potato bake!) 🙂 🙂

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The Road to Geelong 70.3 – An athletes journey, Regan Hollioake

Athlete Regan Hollioake, shares some of her training journey including her training build and how different that looks to her first half in 2018, what lessons she has learnt along the way, how performance is more than just the training itself, and how she plans on celebrating after Geelong 70.3 !


You started with CPC back in June 2021 and haven’t had a lot of opportunities to race yet, BUT plenty of time to train. How has your build gone and how are you feeling?

Since starting with Sarah in June I’ve noticed some great gains in my training form, confidence and mental health. I’ve been feeling stronger and stronger each week and I’ve gained so much confidence in my swim, bike and run. I’m enjoying my sport so much and have been itching to get on that long distance start line!

My build has gone really well with the exception of some sickness and now a recent hip flexor strain. However, with Sarah’s guidance, I feel much more confident dealing with unforeseen challenges and contingencies by adjusting the program as needed and reassurance that not all journeys consist of only steps forward.

With Sarah being your first coach (previously self trained), how does this lead up feel compared to how you trained previously by yourself into Geelong in 2018?

Training has been so much more balanced, targeted and specific. I’m training smarter and I’ve learnt so much about training zones (goodbye constantly sitting in grey zone) and recovery (2018 me didn’t know what the heck that was!!) and have enjoyed this build up so much more being able to share it with the wider CPC crew. Geelong 2018 was my first ever triathlon and I tackled that on a road bike and runners, now I’ve upgraded to a TT bike and cleats! 😂 (that in itself will make a big difference!) haha

What challenges have popped up along the way (if any) and how have you managed them?

 I was struck down with a bout of illness a month or so back and a recent hip flexor injury resulting in forced adjustments to the plan. I’ve had to be very  mindful of and listen to my body since then. Sarah gave me the confidence to step back and adjust whilst still keeping the body moving in a meaningful way. 

What have you learnt new along the way – whether it be about training or even yourself?

 I’ve learnt to respect my body so much more for what it allows me to do everyday. Not only have I learnt so much about training specifically but I’ve learnt more about nutrition, hydration and recovery. All areas that I previously neglected and my physical and mental health suffered as a result. 

What parts of your program / training have given you the most confidence leading into Geelong?

I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my bike leg. The live weekly coached trainer sessions that push you that little bit harder and the long weekend rides have given me the confidence that I’ve got the strength and endurance needed to put together a decent bike leg .

On race day itself, is there anything you know you will do differently to previous race/s? (ie what have you learnt from racing before)

 Nutrition! I’ve always winged it in previous races but coming into this race I have a tried and tested plan to get the fuel in to (hopefully!!) avoid any upset or bonking! 

And importantly – how do you plan on celebrating / rewarding yourself? 😊

Fish and chips and a cold beer on the beach with the support crew!!  (sounds perfect!)

What’s next – share with us what’s next !

Challenge Shepp in March 
Ironman Australia in May – first IM !

So after Geelong there’s plenty more training and racing to be had this season, and can’t wait to continue the journey with you! But for now, lets bring on Geelong 70.3! :-p

Athlete in Profile: Ken Rees

Our newest athlete on the CPC Team. A family man keen to stay fit and healthy. He’s raced more than most of us combined, always looking to improve along the way and continue to enjoy racing for years to come!

Name: Ken Rees

Nickname: Kenno, can’t remember how it came about. (but an obvious one at that!)

Age / Age Group: 48 years young

Lives: Ringwood, Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Running at the moment. (but has Ironmans under his belt!)

Years in the Sport: 20yrs on and off.

How did you get started: I was always into different sports growing up and saw an add for a beginners Tri which was 200m/8km/2km, thought I would pass out while doing it but became hooked instead !

Why I choose CPC: Was looking for a coach who could give me not only a personalised program but one that can be worked around family life and work. After speaking to Sarah and hearing her approach and philosophy to coaching and training it was a pretty easy decision.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s a great stress reliever mentally and physically, if I don’t do something for a few days I start to get a bit grumpy. (I think most of us can relate!) 😉

Ultimate Goal:  3hr 15 min Marathon.

What I couldn’t live without: Quality Sleep

Biggest love: My children

Pet peeve!: Competitors passing me on the run and they’re not even breathing heavy !

Interesting fact about me: In my first triathlon it took me 7 minutes to find my bike in T1. When I eventually found it even the volunteers were laughing at me!

Athlete in Profile: Sonia Commins

Our newest athlete on in the CPC Team. A mother. A business owner. A wife. And a farmer. For most that would be enough! But there’s nothing like having your own personal challenges and goals to keep her physically and mentally happy and healthy, not only for herself, but also for her family…..

Name: Sonia Commins

Nickname: Although I beg to differ Flash was given to me by a former coach it was ironic because that was my sons nickname given to him for his run speed she said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and so the name stuck

Age / Age Group: 48 naughty forties age doesn’t embarrass me it’s just a number!

Lives: Junee in the Riverina NSW

Targeted Sport: Running and triathlon

Years in the Sport: 8years of competitions but always ran recreationally

How did you get started: Always ran for fun, and I had some friends starting to do running races so I tagged along and then just kept going !

Why I choose CPC: I knew of Sarah during my time at holistic endurance so was aware of the same training principles that appeal to me.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It simply gives me the enjoyment of doing something for myself to make me a better person through mind and body of which benefits can then flow on to my family…

Ultimate Goal:  To continue on in my chosen sport for as long I can

What I couldn’t live without: My family

Biggest love: Also my family !

Pet peeve!: Selfishness and jealousy

Interesting fact about me: I like to make quilts at night by hand in my “downtime” and own a patchwork store in Cootamundra. 🙂

Athlete in Profile: Lincoln Stephen

Joining our supporting membership and getting some mentoring from Coach Sarah, Lincoln has ambitious goals and is looking to find the missing piece to his puzzle. He is passionate about triathlon and sport in general as well as health and the human body and is keen for racing to return like the rest of us !

Name: Lincoln Stephen

Nickname: I’ve had many but a long standing one is Stinkin‘. it just rhymes. :-p

Age / Age Group: 35-39

Lives: Bendigo, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 12

How did you get started: A work friend asked if I wanted to do the Melbourne Corporate Tri in 2009 because one of his team members pulled out. It was love at first tri !

Why I choose CPC: I met coach Sarah in 2009 when I started my first full triathlon season in Melbourne. I had entered the full Gatorade series and got a 6-week try out with Tri-Alliance who Sarah was with. I’ve been aware of things she’s done in coaching and racing since then and really love her philosophies and attitude. I’m keen to be a part of a triathlon community more than I have been and connect with other like-minded people.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Sport has been the one constant in my life since I was very young. I have played many different sports with Hockey being my number one sport of choice for many years prior to triathlon. Sport and competition gives me great joy and purpose as I aim to be my best whenever I am competing. I love pursuing a competitive goal and the structure that training for it can provide me in life. Feeling great in life always involves consistent and productive training.

Ultimate Goal:  Ultimate goal is to race as a professional triathlete but I’m a fair way off that. However, I will first aim to win my age group in a half ironman event. When I can get everything to click on race day, I thing I have a big shot.

What I couldn’t live without: Not including my wife and kids, it would be sport.

Biggest love: Not including my wife and kids, it would be sport as well. ;-p

Pet peeve!: Drafting in a non-drafting race.

Interesting fact about me: Raced at the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont-Tremblant, Canada. It didn’t go well…

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