Athlete Profile: Kara Landells

A triathlete, ultra runner, thrill seeker, adventurer as well as a Triathlon & Endurance Coach AND Strength & Conditioning Coach, Kara has it all !

Name: Kara Landells

Nickname: Karz

Lives: Killy! (Kilcunda, Bass Coast)

Sports growing up: Netball for 10 years, Volleyball for 7, AFL for 5…

Chosen sport now: Triathlon ! 🙂

Years in Sport: I’ll say 7 years on and off / inconsistently

Ultimate goal: Compete in as many overseas triathlons (both big and small) as possible

Triathlon in 3 words: A driving/life force   OR   Drive, Discipline, Determination!

Why I choose CPC: My coaching philosophy resonates with Sarah’s, it’s all about the balance!

Biggest love:  I would say it changes depending on what phase of training/life I am in but generally speaking, it’s educating others on how to live their healthiest life whether that be in area’s of fitness or wellbeing – it’s all about the balance!
Blueberries if thinking food, waves if thinking outdoors, feeling the power of positivity if thinking ZEN 😉

Pet peeve: When people are constantly negative – massive downer!

What couldn’t you live without: Food ( more specifically peanut butter, chocolate and blueberries!) and also Nature! I live for the outdoors – surf, hike, MTB, clean air, trees, and primarily – the Ocean.

Interesting fact about me: I’m the black sheep of the community in many ways..

Shameless plug:
My business: I am the owner and Sole strength and conditioning & Triathlon coach of Bass Coast Fitness
Instagram: karalandells_fitness
Facebook : Bass Coast Fitness

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