The Festive 5 Challenge

The final wrap up to our 2020 build / season / year is our Festive 5 ! 
A take on the well known ‘Rapha Festive 500’, but ours with a twist to help ensure everyone can gain the most from the challenge, and make it applicable to you and your goals. Ultimately the purpose behind the challenge is to add a little focus and a training spike over the Xmas/NY period when a lot of people tend to have some extra time up their sleeves.


Commences: Xmas Eve – Thursday 24 December, 
Concludes: New Years Eve – Thursday 31st December (8 days inclusive)
The Challenge: Complete YOUR challenge over the duration of the 8 festive days, as you see fit. Indoors or out. Poor or OW. Trails or road. You choose!

Here are some challenge options you could take on: 

The Ultimate
Ride 500km over the 8 days.
The Consistent:
Ride 50km a day on 5 or more days
The Half:
Ride 250km over the 8 days
The Conservative:
Ride 50min/day over 5 or more days

The Ultimate:

Run/walk 50km over the 8 days
The Consistent:
Run/walk 5km/or 50min day on 5 or more days
The Half:
Run/walk 25km over the 8 days

Swim/ride/run your way over the 8 days:
The Ultimate: 500km riding, 50km running, 5km (or more) swimming over the 8 days
The Consistent: 50km riding, 5km running, 500m swimming / day on 5 or more days
The Half: 250km riding, 25km running, 2.5km (or more) swimming over the 8 days
The Conservative: 50min riding, 50min of run/walk, 50min swimming on 5 or more days

Or any other alternative that works for you! (and why not make up a name and share with us?!)

Follow along: 
More details will be realised and shared over the coming days and we’ll get the chatter started! 
FACEBOOK: All details, info, chatter and more will be shared in our FB group here
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CONFIRM: If you are joining in, and what challenge you are up for, as I will program accordingly and provide some guidance on how to tackle the challenge based on your goals.

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