Race Day Mentality

As you start to lead into a key race, it is important to go back and reflect on your training, to review the goals you had written down for your race and how well you have prepared for them. How has your race build gone? Has it gone to plan? How are you feeling about race day?

But at the same time, it is important to remind yourself that goals are OUTCOMES, and as you head into your race, you can actually be better served to focus on the PROCESS when it comes to race day, rather than the outcome (the result).

Regardless of what your race day goals are, your RACE PLAN should be your ultimate focus. Those individual tasks throughout the race that are in your control. That is your plan and focus. If you can keep your focus on these, the outcome will almost always take care of itself.

Your goal – is your desired outcome. What you want to achieve.
Your system/process – is what will get you there.

It is important to be aware of what is going on around you, including your fellow competitors, but at the same time not be distracted from your own effort and strategy. Remember – your race should always be about personal performance, and not the competition. Self-control and your own mental discipline is what you can focus on and what you can control. When you are in control, you will be calmer, have ease of mind, and make better decisions.

So here are some of the areas that you can focus on and work on executing well:

– Race preparation – including the week leading in and the night prior
– Your warm up – allow time and focus
– Your race equipment – be prepared and organised
– Race fueling and hydration plan – and following through with it
– Your pacing and effort – what you have trained for
– Your form and posture – as fatigue kicks in, form can slip, so bring your focus back
– Mental mindset / mental fortitude – how you stay focused, in control and positive, even if things aren’t going to plan

If you give 100% of what you have on that day – how can you loose?

The work has been done to up to this point. All that is left now is show up to your race fresh both physically and mentally, and do as many things as possible in your control; as well as possible and then let the result take care of itself.

So it’s time to get out of your own way. Commit to focus on yourself, and what you can control, and you will give yourself the best possible chance to have a well-executed and enjoyable race day.

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