Athlete in Profile: Trav Hore

A man on an Ironman mission. BUT don’t ever ignore his friend request, honk your horn in traffic, or run past him in an Ironman! Want to know what that’s all about?? Then read on…..

Name: Trav Hore

Nickname: The Big Horse (meet him and you will understand!)

Age / Age Group: 50-54

Lives: Echuca / Moama

Targeted Sport: Ironman

Years in the Sport: 4 years

How did you get started: : Fell in with a ‘bad bunch’ and it just descended from there.

Why I choose CPC: Because I’m on a mission of self improvement. I also once sent CPC a friend request on FB and wasn’t responded to / accepted in my golden rule time of 24 hrs so I retracted it, on reflection that may have been a bit harsh. :-p (got his sense of humor yet?!) 😉

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It is the greatest sport going around it grinds you to the ground where you think you cannot go on then sprinkles the littlest bit of self belief on you and the feeling of finishing is euphoric for weeks!

Ultimate Goal: Sub 12 Ironman – lofty but🤷‍♂️ hey why not !

What I couldn’t live without: My Garmin

Biggest love: My Wife – she puts up with a hell of a lot

Pet peeve!: People who honk their horns in traffic, seriously f*ck off !

Interesting fact about me: I have proven Viking DNA and when young blokes run past me in the run leg of an Ironman I normally ask them can they also bench press their own body weight. (honestly – I don’t know whether to believe him or not either?! you decide!) lol

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