Athlete in Profile: Robert Green

A man that once you will meet, you will never forget. Genuine. Hard working. Honest. Reliable. Traits not only we all strive for in life, but are invaluable as an athlete…..

Name: Robert Green

Nickname: Robbie or Greenie (it’s pretty obvious…)

Age / Age Group: Grandpa Age 😉

Lives: Mont Albert….Melbourne is the best.

Targeted Sport:
Cycling…..none of that running or swimming 🤫
Basketball…that’s my life
Skiing….it’s awesome

Years in the Sport: Cycling…to school mid last century !

How did you get started:  Structured riding last 5 years and a MAMIL for a decade before that. :-p

Why I choose CPC: Training Peaks said Sarah was the best coach….easy decision.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s a passion, I’m trying to relive my youth and defeating Father Time as he advances.

Ultimate Goal: To be able to keep riding as others hang up their bikes.

What I couldn’t live without: A riding kit ready to ride tomorrow (garmin to)

Biggest love: All the people I’ve met riding.

Pet peeve!: Cars pass me then cut me off & Di2 outa juice !

Interesting fact about me: If you say I can’t do something…then I have to do it ( legally of course) Love a challenge.

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