Athlete In Profile: Sardie Edgar

A wife, a mum of two, sheep farmer, health and fitness advocate for farmers and a down right awesome chick! Sardie is a pleasure to coach, recently completing her first ever Half Iron distance, and with some new goals on the horizon we can’t wait to see what’s ahead…

Name: Sardie (Sarah) Edgar

Nickname: Sardie. When I was younger I couldn’t say Sarah!! I would say Sardie… it has stuck and never get called Sarah (unless I’m in trouble!!)

Age / Age Group: 40-44

Lives: On a sheep farm in Nareen. (Western Victoria)

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 15 years on and off

How did you get started:  I have always run from a very young age. When I lived and worked in Melbourne I had a go at a short tri at the docklands with a friend. I was on a mountain bike!! I decided I really loved the variety of triathlons and have done lots of sprint and Olympic distances over the years. As well as continuing with my fun runs and trail runs in my region. My first olympic distance tri was in Noosa in 2015. It was AMAZING!!!

Why I choose CPC: I met Sarah at a Triathlon camp in 2015. I have been following her ever since and made contact in 2019 to get to her help me work towards a Half Ironman. I love her communication, understanding how my schedule works with kids, understands farming life and I love the variety and balance she brings to the programming.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I LOVE exercise and movement, it makes me feel happy, strong and challenged. I also like helping and motivating others to include exercise in their lives and see the benefits it has on them physically and mentally.

Ultimate Goal: having just completed my first half iron man, I need to set my next goal….stay tuned! 🙂

What I couldn’t live without: Good food ! !

Biggest love: My two children and my husband!

Pet peeve!: Lining up and being on hold.

Interesting fact about me: I love playing Hockey and am thinking about putting the boots back on after a few years off!

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