Athlete in Profile: Janine Coppi

A long distance runner, that credits her training to an improved physical and mental health. She was one of the first in Australia to be struck with COVID 19 and is now on a mission back to health and her big running goals! Ultra anyone?! 😉

Name: Janine Coppi

Nickname: JC or J9

Age / Age Group: 35-40

Lives: Manly Vale, NSW

Targeted Sport: Long distance running

Years in the Sport: 10 years

How did you get started: It was a new years resolution with a couple of friends to run the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon that started it all. After that race I was hooked, joined a running club and did a few more Half Marathon events, then was encouraged by my coach at the time to sign up for my first marathon – City to Surf Marathon in Perth!

Why I choose CPC: I experienced training with Coach Sarah at a couple of other clubs when I started competing in Triathlon and found her to be very knowledgeable and have always enjoyed her coaching style in the past. So when I decided to get a coach to help with my running my first thought was CPC.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I like the structure of training for an event and having a purpose for every day (to train, to rest, to stretch etc). It improves my physical and mental health to no end and gives me a goal and something to look forward to!

Ultimate Goal: One day I would like to complete a 100 plus Ultra marathon race and it would be great to tick a full Iron Man off the list eventually too. 🙂

What I couldn’t live without: Coffee !

Biggest love: Travel

Pet peeve!: When people speed up to overtake then go slow again in front of you (applies to cycling, running and driving)

Interesting fact about me: I was one of the first people in Australia to have Covid 19 (unfortunately)


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