Athlete in Profile: Louise Organ

An off-road junkie, you will find Louise searching for new trails or mountains to explore – both on two feet and two wheels. Not shy of getting her dirty outdoors, but the same can’t be said at home… don’t date leave your dishes in the sink! 😉

Name: Louise Organ

Nickname: Don’t have one! (maybe that is a sign for us to make one for you?!) 😉

Age / Age Group: 30-39

Lives: Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Running (mostly trail) and cycling (again mostly gravel and cyclocross based adventures!).

Years in the Sport: 10years running and maybe 6years on the bike?

How did you get started: I moved to Melbourne for uni and had to stop competitive horse riding so took up running to fill the gap. This evolved during uni to join the aths club, then my husband who was a cyclist got me a basic road bike and I decided to try triathlon.
In 2017 though, I moved to the UK, and got much more involved in the running scene, and started fell running (its a British thing in the mountains) and trails, looking to develop in thr long distance/ultra space. I also started racing cyclocross and doing more gravel based cycling events, both of which I have wanted to keep up back in Australia. I don’t really see myself going back to triathlon but who knows!

Why I choose CPC: As someone who has really burned themselves out training, it was important to me to have a coach who looked at a more holistic approach and balancing training into our lifestyle, and supporting hormones, health and happiness.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the challenge that comes from pushing myself in long distance running and finding mental resilience and exploring my ‘edges’ – getting up a big mountain when you are already well into the race. I also love exploring the locations and amazing places these events take me – cycling through Forrest’s in Europe, climbing Mt Buller -its awesome to see some untouched areas of the world !

Ultimate Goal: I am still wanting to work up to longer distance Ultras and would love to do a 100km event and maybe a multistage event in the mountains.

What I couldn’t live without: Coffee and eggs/cheese – the basics to any good meal!

Biggest love: My husband and little French bulldog

Pet peeve!: I am a bit of clean freak – so anything like dishes in the sink can annoy me

Interesting fact about me: I played violin for a long time, and I was orchestra captain at school. 🙂

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