Athlete in Profile: Rachael Dols

New to triathlon, but not new to hard work. Growing up a high level swimmer, she has turned her sights to triathlon and set herself some big goals and ready for the challenge. But when she’s not training, you will find her hanging with her family, cuddling dogs, camping – and is never too far away from water!

Name: Rachael Dols

Nickname: Dolsy, very original!

Age / Age Group: 25-29

Lives: Watsons Creek, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 2

How did you get started: I grew up playing/ doing sports pretty much every day. I swam competitively through high school, my poor, amazing, mum would drag me to training 8 times a week before and after school, she would take me to races on the weekends and I was also playing basketball. When I left school I moved to Alice Springs to work and did very little sport due to my job, just the odd run or swim here and there. When I came back to Victoria I missed sport, I’d never been out of that competitive sporting lifestyle for that long and I needed it again to be honest. So I took up long distance running. This naïve swimmer didn’t understand the impact running has on your body and thought she could just run and run and run. (Overuse injuries aren’t that common in swimming.) So I quickly over-trained and within 6 months I had a femoral neck stress reaction after my first half marathon. Obviously this halted running for a while. The physio I was seeing had competed at Kona and he said your already swimming and running, why don’t you add a bike in and start triathlons. I honestly didn’t know what I was missing out on and I wish I started triathlon years ago! !

Why I choose CPC: I’ve been looking for a professional coach for a while. I want to take triathlon to the next level, and while winging it is great in theory, it’s not really practical. Suffering overuse injuries and getting sick before races has made me realise if I want to take triathlon to the next level I can’t do it alone. I asked around and was directed to a few coaches, but I decided on CPC with Sarah. I think you need a coach that has been there, done that and that you can relate to. Someone who has started off with similar experiences and excelled past that to a really high level in the sport, that’s the person I want to learn from. Also the added benefit of understanding us females helps! I’m excited to learn and develop with CPC and get to that next level!

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It keeps me sane, when life and reality can be pretty stressful, it gives me an escape. When you are racing and doing hard training sessions you are completely immersed and “in the moment”, there’s no time to think or focus on the past or future, it’s a way of meditation. It gives me goals and a sense of accomplishment. When you can go to races and talk to almost anyone because you all have a common interest, it’s pretty awesome!

Ultimate Goal:  There are a few! 🙂
Qualifying for ITU Age Group Worlds.
Finish an Ironman 140.6
Rottnest Channel Swim and I recently discovered Ultraman, so that too! ;-p

What I couldn’t live without: My family, dogs included. Activewear. Sunshine.

Biggest love: Summer, camping and water!

Pet peeve!: When someone wants to have a conversation first thing in the morning. Terrible time to ask me how I am, you definitely need to wait until I’ve eaten my breakfast before that 😂

Interesting fact about me: I used to take tourists on multi day 4×4 camping tours in the desert.

Socials: Feel free to follow me – Instagram

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