Athlete In Profile: Peter Romanis

Our newest member to team CPC, with coaching guidance and support, Pete is keen to get his niggles under control and work towards his ultimate triathlon goal….

Name: Peter Romanis

Nickname: Pete or Pedro

Age / Age Group: Nearing the 40+

Lives: StKilda, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon!

Years in the Sport: Sporadically over the past 6-7 years

How did you get started: Inspired after stumbling across the finish line at the last Melbourne Ironman in 2015 (not me personally, just figuratively – I happened to be walking in the area and went to check out what was going on!) . Atmosphere and the endurance of the athletes competing was infectious.

Why I choose CPC: The four pillars of Sarah’s coaching approach resonated with me – Commitment, Balance, Purpose, and Passion.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It is somewhat an escape from the day to day world where you can invest in yourself. It is a tremendous stress relief that also promotes a much better overall lifestyle.

Ultimate Goal:  Ironman 140.6 !

What I couldn’t live without: A goal to work towards

Biggest love: Travel and discovery

Pet peeve!: Ignorance

Interesting fact about me: Nothing overly special. Probably my one claim to fame is being an undefeated premiership winning Captain-Coach of the Ealing Emus Aussie Rules team in London. 🙂

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