Athlete in Profile: Ken Rees

Our newest athlete on the CPC Team. A family man keen to stay fit and healthy. He’s raced more than most of us combined, always looking to improve along the way and continue to enjoy racing for years to come!

Name: Ken Rees

Nickname: Kenno, can’t remember how it came about. (but an obvious one at that!)

Age / Age Group: 48 years young

Lives: Ringwood, Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Running at the moment. (but has Ironmans under his belt!)

Years in the Sport: 20yrs on and off.

How did you get started: I was always into different sports growing up and saw an add for a beginners Tri which was 200m/8km/2km, thought I would pass out while doing it but became hooked instead !

Why I choose CPC: Was looking for a coach who could give me not only a personalised program but one that can be worked around family life and work. After speaking to Sarah and hearing her approach and philosophy to coaching and training it was a pretty easy decision.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s a great stress reliever mentally and physically, if I don’t do something for a few days I start to get a bit grumpy. (I think most of us can relate!) 😉

Ultimate Goal:  3hr 15 min Marathon.

What I couldn’t live without: Quality Sleep

Biggest love: My children

Pet peeve!: Competitors passing me on the run and they’re not even breathing heavy !

Interesting fact about me: In my first triathlon it took me 7 minutes to find my bike in T1. When I eventually found it even the volunteers were laughing at me!

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