Athlete in Profile: Dave Baxter

Dave found is way into triathlon through his time in the Army, and hasn’t looked back. He sets himself big goals, and isn’t afraid of hard work, but at the same time really enjoys the process and the journey has taken him on over the years. But with some big goals, he knew it was time to find a Coach…..

Name: Dave Baxter

Nickname: Changi ( given to me in Army – was the skin and bones type back then )

Age / Age Group: 50+

Lives: Melbourne, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 20!

How did you get started: Triathlon was an option on sports Thursday in the army – I wanted ( dreamed ) of Kona glory via Dave Scott , found my passion and was pretty good at it. And here I still am, 20 years later!

Why I choose CPC: Sarah seem to stand out as a caring performance results and data driven coach . I liked the idea of being able to converse with her and discuss all of my training based on facts and technology. Sarah put me at ease when we had an over 1 hour consult call. I knew she was the coach that would be able to drag this body over the finish line at Kona in good shape. The feeling of having a coach that actually cares about the holistic approach to training and life really resonated with me.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: So much! I’m in a better mood, I’m able to push myself and to strive for things that started merely as dreams.

Ultimate Goal:  Sub 10 Kona !

What I couldn’t live without: ohhh – ummmm – chocolate and pizza ! ;-p

Biggest love: I do love a few things in my life – SCUBA , TRI and honestly, just being fit

Pet peeve!: Inconsistency

Interesting fact about me: I’m double jointed in both shoulders and pinky fingers (great party trick!)

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