Athlete in Profile: Antonia Wilson

A kiwi living in Regional Victoria, who is ready to dip her toes in the water and try her hand at triathlons! A dog lover, lover of health and fitness and cleanliness! ‘Ants’ is ready to set her triathlon wheels in motion! 🙂

Name: Antonia Wilson

Nickname: Ants (not very inventive hey) haha

Age / Age Group: 35

Lives: Bendigo, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 0, none, zilch! It’s never too late to start something, right?!!

How did you get started: I have always wanted to get into triathlon because I love running and cycling.

Why I choose CPC: As a triathlon newbie I needed a coach that wasn’t just knowledgeable and would push me to reach my goals but I also needed someone supportive and approachable. Sarah is all of these things so it was a no-brainer.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s more than just health and fitness. Pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of is how I grow as a person.

Ultimate Goal:  I would love to complete a 70.3 but for now my sights are set on just completing a triathlon!

What I couldn’t live without: Coffee. Without a doubt!

Biggest love: My very spoiled but very cute dog, Arthur.

Pet peeve!: Messiness, I’m a neat freak.

Interesting fact about me: I’m a Kiwi but I’m losing my twang!

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