The team has been on fire over the past 12 months. But just like our athletes, it doesn’t come overnight, it comes after consistent hard work, by putting in the hours, by continually learning, growing and developing. It is a dedication to long term growth and performance. And over the weekend Coach Sarah Mulkearns was awarded VICTORIA’S COACH OF THE YEAR at the Aus Triathlon Victorian Annual Awards Ceremony.

“I’m a modest and humble person at heart, but to say I am chuffed with this one is an understatement. We certainly don’t coach for the accolades, we coach for our athletes. So I am filled with gratitude to receive this recognition on behalf of myself and the athletes I work with. I couldn’t be here without the amazing athletes and individuals that I work with on a daily basis – it’s never just an individual effort, it’s a team effort.”

Complete Per4mance Coaching is a boutique coaching service, and is spearheaded by Coach Sarah, who only works with 25-30athletes at any given time. So to be recognised for this award is an achievement in itself amongst her fellow coaching peers.

Also adding to the weekend was another amazing performance from athlete Regan Hollioake who went two from two in her first year as a professional triathlete. Regan won the female PRO race at Challenge Korea in a time of 8:39.52, solidifying her super consistent and strong start to her professional career.

Rounding out the weekend, Regan added to her medal tally at the Victorian Awards as she took home MOST INSPIRING PERFORMANCE as well as 30-34Y FEMALE STATE SERIES CHAMPION, before she made her transition to the professional ranks earlier this year.

” I’m so honoured to receive Most Inspiring Performance Award. To be a source of inspiration to other girls and women within the sport, which traditionally has been male dominated in terms of participation, fills me with such pride. It is my goal to give back to the world of triathlon – more than I take. And if my journey inspires another to have a go, to use triathlon as a vehicle to being physically active, then I would deem it a success. I’m so thankful to this sport for enriching my life and hope that I can help others discover the value also.”

Regan’s words speaks volume to her character, and we know that this is just the start or an amazing journey she is on.

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