Athlete in Profile: Louise Organ

On off-road junkie, you will find Louise searching for new trails or mountains to explore – both on two feet and two wheels. Not shy of getting her dirty outdoors, but the same can’t be said at home… don’t date leave your dishes in the sink! 😉

Name: Louise Organ

Nickname: Don’t have one! (maybe that is a sign for us to make one for you?!) 😉

Age / Age Group: 30-39

Lives: Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Running (mostly trail) and cycling (again mostly gravel and cyclocross based adventures!).

Years in the Sport: 10years running and maybe 6years on the bike?

How did you get started: I moved to Melbourne for uni and had to stop competitive horse riding so took up running to fill the gap. This evolved during uni to join the aths club, then my husband who was a cyclist got me a basic road bike and I decided to try triathlon.
In 2017 though, I moved to the UK, and got much more involved in the running scene, and started fell running (its a British thing in the mountains) and trails, looking to develop in thr long distance/ultra space. I also started racing cyclocross and doing more gravel based cycling events, both of which I have wanted to keep up back in Australia. I don’t really see myself going back to triathlon but who knows!

Why I choose CPC: As someone who has really burned themselves out training, it was important to me to have a coach who looked at a more holistic approach and balancing training into our lifestyle, and supporting hormones, health and happiness.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the challenge that comes from pushing myself in long distance running and finding mental resilience and exploring my ‘edges’ – getting up a big mountain when you are already well into the race. I also love exploring the locations and amazing places these events take me – cycling through Forrest’s in Europe, climbing Mt Buller -its awesome to see some untouched areas of the world !

Ultimate Goal: I am still wanting to work up to longer distance Ultras and would love to do a 100km event and maybe a multistage event in the mountains.

What I couldn’t live without: Coffee and eggs/cheese – the basics to any good meal!

Biggest love: My husband and little French bulldog

Pet peeve!: I am a bit of clean freak – so anything like dishes in the sink can annoy me

Interesting fact about me: I played violin for a long time, and I was orchestra captain at school. 🙂

Athlete in Profile: Janine Coppi

A long distance runner, that credits her training to an improved physical and mental health. She was one of the first in Australia to be struck with COVID 19 and is now on a mission back to health and her big running goals! Ultra anyone?! 😉

Name: Janine Coppi

Nickname: JC or J9

Age / Age Group: 35-40

Lives: Manly Vale, NSW

Targeted Sport: Long distance running

Years in the Sport: 10 years

How did you get started: It was a new years resolution with a couple of friends to run the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon that started it all. After that race I was hooked, joined a running club and did a few more Half Marathon events, then was encouraged by my coach at the time to sign up for my first marathon – City to Surf Marathon in Perth!

Why I choose CPC: I experienced training with Coach Sarah at a couple of other clubs when I started competing in Triathlon and found her to be very knowledgeable and have always enjoyed her coaching style in the past. So when I decided to get a coach to help with my running my first thought was CPC.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I like the structure of training for an event and having a purpose for every day (to train, to rest, to stretch etc). It improves my physical and mental health to no end and gives me a goal and something to look forward to!

Ultimate Goal: One day I would like to complete a 100 plus Ultra marathon race and it would be great to tick a full Iron Man off the list eventually too. 🙂

What I couldn’t live without: Coffee !

Biggest love: Travel

Pet peeve!: When people speed up to overtake then go slow again in front of you (applies to cycling, running and driving)

Interesting fact about me: I was one of the first people in Australia to have Covid 19 (unfortunately)


Athlete in Profile: Elise Fookes

Fun and freedom on the bike (oh and puppies!) are what she loves, but want a competition, then self professed competitive person Elise will be up to the challenge!

Name: Elise Fookes

Nickname: Someone needs to make one up for me !

Age / Age Group: 30-34

Lives: Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Cycling, but also dabbling in a little bit of triathlon occasionally

Years in the Sport: Around 5 years for cycling. Maybe 4 for triathlon but I’ve also just had a 3 year hiatus from tri racing thanks to injuries and uni studies! Oh, and COVID cancelling everything last year.

How did you get started: I used to play somewhat competitive basketball, but after work and uni studies got in the way of training I found the bike for fun and fitness, and haven’t looked back! Some of my friends had recently bought road bikes, then naturally I took it to a more obsessive and competitive level 🤷‍♀️

Why I choose CPC: I can’t organise myself 😂 but really I love the approach of fitting training around work/life, and having a more flexible approach to a training program.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I’ve always loved challenging myself through different sports. And I’ve met heaps of people through cycling and triathlon, it’s just fun to be part of a supportive crew with a common interest!

Ultimate Goal: To have fun and try to stay injury free! I’ve got some smaller more specific bike and tri goals, but I think I’ll keep them secret for now 🤫

What I couldn’t live without: Bikes and puppies. I’m a simple person.

Biggest love: My dog (Kobe) and cat (Finn) 😂

Pet peeve!: People who can’t accept a female might ride faster than them, so they need to play the good old game of leapfrog 🙄

Interesting fact about me: I can turn basically anything into a competition. Or in to a conversation about dogs. Try me.

Socials: Instagram

Athlete In Profile: Sardie Edgar

A wife, a mum of two, sheep farmer, health and fitness advocate for farmers and a down right awesome chick! Sardie is a pleasure to coach, recently completing her first ever Half Iron distance, and with some new goals on the horizon we can’t wait to see what’s ahead…

Name: Sardie (Sarah) Edgar

Nickname: Sardie. When I was younger I couldn’t say Sarah!! I would say Sardie… it has stuck and never get called Sarah (unless I’m in trouble!!)

Age / Age Group: 40-44

Lives: On a sheep farm in Nareen. (Western Victoria)

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 15 years on and off

How did you get started:  I have always run from a very young age. When I lived and worked in Melbourne I had a go at a short tri at the docklands with a friend. I was on a mountain bike!! I decided I really loved the variety of triathlons and have done lots of sprint and Olympic distances over the years. As well as continuing with my fun runs and trail runs in my region. My first olympic distance tri was in Noosa in 2015. It was AMAZING!!!

Why I choose CPC: I met Sarah at a Triathlon camp in 2015. I have been following her ever since and made contact in 2019 to get to her help me work towards a Half Ironman. I love her communication, understanding how my schedule works with kids, understands farming life and I love the variety and balance she brings to the programming.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I LOVE exercise and movement, it makes me feel happy, strong and challenged. I also like helping and motivating others to include exercise in their lives and see the benefits it has on them physically and mentally.

Ultimate Goal: having just completed my first half iron man, I need to set my next goal….stay tuned! 🙂

What I couldn’t live without: Good food ! !

Biggest love: My two children and my husband!

Pet peeve!: Lining up and being on hold.

Interesting fact about me: I love playing Hockey and am thinking about putting the boots back on after a few years off!

Athlete in Profile: Oliver McNulty

An Irishman now living in a town smaller than most triathlons get entries… The idea of Ironman was born after volunteering at Ironman Melbourne, and is now on a mission to that finish line…

Name: liver (Ollie) McNulty

Nickname: Thankfully no one knows some of my nicknames growing up. I occasionally get called Irish (Imaginative) or Big O not that I understand what that means either…

Age / Age Group: 45+

Lives: I moved from Ireland to Echuca, from there to SwanHill, Deniliquin and now Balranald NSW. I reckon I have found one of the smallest Councils now to work in (give balranald a google!), next step will be to move back to civilisation in a few years. 😉

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: I did my first splash and dash 5 years ago

How did you get started:  Working in Council I helped the Tri Club get ready for the Echuca Tri. I got to know some of the local legends of Tri and they convinced me to volunteer at Ironman Melbourne for 2 years before I took the plunge myself at the end of 2015 to tri a triathlon. I was an ex footballer looking for a reason to push myself.

Why I choose CPC: I was introduced to Sarah when I did Busso in 2016. I liked her approach and I was keen to get started with a coach. Over the past five years I have some work and life challenges and Sarah always takes this on board. She is more than just a coach as she recognises that life can sometimes get in the way and that coaching and training needs to be flexible. Sarah is a coach, at times a councillor and a mate. She looks out for all her athletes.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Sport has always been a massive part of my life. I love all sports, watching and taking part. It is also a great way to get to know people and develop social circles. When I am finding times hard its a great way to relax and stop the mind from spinning.

Ultimate Goal: To become an Ironman.

What I couldn’t live without: Zwift and Zoom with my family being spread across the world it has been so important this past year

Biggest love: Family

Pet peeve!: Armchair critcs

Interesting fact about me: I have 8 brothers and sisters. 2 in Australia 2 in America and the rest back in Ireland.

Athlete in Profile: Robert Green

A man that once you will meet, you will never forget. Genuine. Hard working. Honest. Reliable. Traits not only we all strive for in life, but are invaluable as an athlete…..

Name: Robert Green

Nickname: Robbie or Greenie (it’s pretty obvious…)

Age / Age Group: Grandpa Age 😉

Lives: Mont Albert….Melbourne is the best.

Targeted Sport:
Cycling…..none of that running or swimming 🤫
Basketball…that’s my life
Skiing….it’s awesome

Years in the Sport: Cycling…to school mid last century !

How did you get started:  Structured riding last 5 years and a MAMIL for a decade before that. :-p

Why I choose CPC: Training Peaks said Sarah was the best coach….easy decision.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s a passion, I’m trying to relive my youth and defeating Father Time as he advances.

Ultimate Goal: To be able to keep riding as others hang up their bikes.

What I couldn’t live without: A riding kit ready to ride tomorrow (garmin to)

Biggest love: All the people I’ve met riding.

Pet peeve!: Cars pass me then cut me off & Di2 outa juice !

Interesting fact about me: If you say I can’t do something…then I have to do it ( legally of course) Love a challenge.