Athlete in Profile: Nicole Wilson

An athlete with 30 years experience in the sport still chasing the high of racing, the love of training, the challenge of balancing family, work and training and the ultimate love of feeling strong, fit and healthy. Starting her Triathlon days in the 1990’s Nicole has seen the sport change, and take shape over the years to where we are today and we can’t wait to continue the triathlon journey with her….

Name: Nicole Wilson

Nickname: Nic. Nice and simple!

Age / Age Group: Old Hen! ;-p

Lives: Malvern, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 30 years (on and off) (told you I was an old hen…)

How did you get started: Monash University Tri Club. Like minded people who even made a Saturday night swim squad session fun!
(I do not know ANYONE who swims on a sat night – so there’s a first!)

Why I choose CPC: I was introduced by another CPC athlete Caroline Houston. 🙂
(would of mouth is fab – thanks Caroline!) 😉

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the challenge and diversity of 70.3 Triathlon racing. With more self-sufficient teenagers at home it’s been great to invest in consistent training and hopefully greater life longevity. I aspire to keep racing and training for a long as my aging body can keep up.

Ultimate Goal:  Swimming, riding and running for as long as my body will allow – at at least until l get my pensioner card.

What I couldn’t live without: A family who are very understanding & flexible.

Biggest love: My boys (husband, 3 teenagers and dog)

Pet peeve!: Wasting time.
(ohhhh that’s a goodie! We’re with you on this one!)

Interesting fact about me: Country girl who grew up in Cobram.

Athlete in Profile: Jacqui Graham

A new comer to the sport of triathlon who is already making her mark. Podiuming in her first Ironman and qualifying for Nice 2024, she’s ready to embark on coaching to see how far she can take her racing. As a shift worker, she is also keen to continue to buck the trend of traditionally poor health outcomes for not just shift but also health care workers – so continues on her quest of participating in competitive sport and making good lifestyle choices. Keep an eye on this athletes. She truly is just getting started….

Name: Jacqui Graham

Nickname: Cracker Jacq – less frequently used these days!

Age / Age Group: 30-34

Lives: Yea, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: A very loose 1 year !

How did you get started: In 2022 a very good friend signed up for an Ironman as a bucket list tick off, prior to his first child. My wife and I decided we would do the 70.3 as support. I enjoyed the day with no real intention of doing another. However 6 months later I had forgotten that, then deciding to do a full IM in Dec 2023.
(and Jacqui conveniently left out the bit where she qualified for the IM World champs at said race!)

Why I choose CPC: I’ve not had previous coaching and I am super excited to work with someone who has the expertise to get the most out of myself. I’ve only heard of good things re CPC and the match just felt right.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Sport/being active has always been a main priority for my wife and I. Being a shift worker, which is associated with poor health outcomes, I have always been determined to not let that stop me from participating in competitive sport or making good lifestyle choices. The exception to the rule hopefully. Or maybe the rule could change!

Ultimate Goal:  Ultimately, it would be to never stop getting better. However, Sub 10hr IM and sub 5hr 70.3 would be equally ace.

What I couldn’t live without: My wife & doggos + homemade hummus. 🙂

Biggest love: The above + exercise!

Pet peeve!: Dirty floors (two floofy dogs makes for a regular occurrence).

Interesting fact about me: I’m vegan. It would be un-stereotypical of a vegan if I didn’t mention it. ;-p

We can’t wait to see what is instore for Jacqui – as we know it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Athlete in Profile: Stef Rankin

An athlete returning to endurance sport and ready to see what her body is capable of in the cycling world. But don’t discount triathlon again just yet ! …. With a love for discipline, chasing goals and seeing results, Stef has shown that dedication and drive can take you a long way in life – no matter which path you take…

Name: Stef Rankin

Nickname: No nicknames – Stef will do nicely!

Age / Age Group: 45-49

Lives: Ashwood, Vic

Targeted Sport: Cycling, via Triathlon, Pole Dancing and Bodybuilding!

Years in the Sport: Six years, followed by a six year or so hiatus

How did you get started: I was introduced to triathlon by a guy I was seeing for a while and enjoyed the sense of community and the energy of the events. I later signed up for my first mini tri and swimming lessons on the same day! As a 32 year old I had decided that it was time that I learned how to swim properly (passably?!) and signing up for a race was a good motivator to make it happen 😀

Why I choose CPC: I knew of Sarah and her coaching style through the Victorian triathlon scene and whilst I didn’t know her personally, her approach and the community that she appeared to be building with CPC definitely appealed, in addition to her experience and the well rounded service that she offered. I’m really excited to see where I can go!

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Like so many would say I’m sure, training gives me energy, keeps me sane, and allows me to set and strive for sporting goals which may perhaps initially seem unachievable. I love the discipline of structured training and the feeling that hitting milestones, PBs and goals gives me. Now that my son is older (six and a half) I also love to share some of my active lifestyle with him – last year we did Run the Rock out at Mt Macedon together and crossing the finish line of the kids run with him was absolute gold. I also greatly appreciate the community spirit and the camaraderie that comes from being around people who have similar goals and aspirations.

Ultimate Goal:  From a sporting perspective, at the moment my ultimate goal is to safely – and strongly (if you can put it like that!) – complete Peaks Challenge well within the cut off time; I’m also toying with the idea of throwing my hat in the ring for ITT, because who doesn’t enjoy feeling like their lungs and legs are going to part company with you?!

What I couldn’t live without: Ooooh that’s a tough one. At the moment, my nightly fruit, cheese and dark mint chocolate late snack?!

Biggest love: Well, for a love like no other, I can’t look beyond my son, Parker. Otherwise, as odd a choice as this may seem – progression. Getting stronger, getting faster, seeing results, seeing change, whether in cycling, running, bodybuilding. life in general.

Pet peeve!: Not a peeve per se but I have a rather irrational and very intense dislike of the song, Holy Grail by the Hunters and Collectors. Can’t stand it lol.

Interesting fact about me: Ha I’m not very interesting, however I’m a sucker for creativity and after giving up triathlon I danced and did burlesque for three years, got into competitive bodybuilding, and started making elaborate cakes, fondant cookies, costumes etc. Love colour and sparkle!!

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Athlete in Profile: Heath Lowry

Relatively new to the sport of triathlon, but not new to setting big goals! ‘Heater’ is preparing himself for the heat of Busso and tackling his first Ironman. But the journey hasn’t been without it’s challenges, including working on his mental health, keeping niggles at bay and doing the hard yards solo! But he has a story to tell – including one that involves the great Michael Schumacher ! . . .

Name: Heath Lowry

Nickname: heater

Age / Age Group: 35-39

Lives: Moama, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon & AFL !

Years in the Sport: 2-3years in Triathlon

How did you get started: My uncle is in the sport and he encourages me to get involves, and the local triathlon club in Echuca/Moama has been great.

Why I choose CPC: Sarah was recommend to me many years ago, and now that I have a couple of big goals thought it would be smart to get the right coaching! A good decision, because now I don’t have to just be in my own head, I know what’s planned and I can bounce things off her – especially any doubts I may have along the way !

What I ‘get’ from my sport: In recent years I have struggled with my mental health and by getting outside training it has helped massively in this space. The benefits of it have been huge on my journey.

Ultimate Goal:  To complete the Busselton Ironman in December 2023!

What I couldn’t live without: My Coffee Machine

Biggest love: Vietnamese pho soup

Pet peeve!: Bad Manners!

Interesting fact about me: I once cooked a meal for Michael Schumacher and the Ferrari F1 Team. (I think we will all need more details on this Heath!!)

Athlete in Profile: Antonia Wilson

A kiwi living in Regional Victoria, who is ready to dip her toes in the water and try her hand at triathlons! A dog lover, lover of health and fitness and cleanliness! ‘Ants’ is ready to set her triathlon wheels in motion! 🙂

Name: Antonia Wilson

Nickname: Ants (not very inventive hey) haha

Age / Age Group: 35

Lives: Bendigo, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 0, none, zilch! It’s never too late to start something, right?!!

How did you get started: I have always wanted to get into triathlon because I love running and cycling.

Why I choose CPC: As a triathlon newbie I needed a coach that wasn’t just knowledgeable and would push me to reach my goals but I also needed someone supportive and approachable. Sarah is all of these things so it was a no-brainer.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It’s more than just health and fitness. Pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of is how I grow as a person.

Ultimate Goal:  I would love to complete a 70.3 but for now my sights are set on just completing a triathlon!

What I couldn’t live without: Coffee. Without a doubt!

Biggest love: My very spoiled but very cute dog, Arthur.

Pet peeve!: Messiness, I’m a neat freak.

Interesting fact about me: I’m a Kiwi but I’m losing my twang!

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Athlete in Profile: Shaun Wilton

Following in his wife’s footsteps into the triathlon realm only 12 months ago, Shaun too caught the ‘triathlon bug’, and has thrown himself into his training and now has his sights on his first Half Ironman !

Name: Shaun Wilton

Nickname: NONE! (maybe we need to change that…) ;-p

Age / Age Group: 46

Lives: Box Hill North, VIC

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: 1 !

How did you get started: My wife joined a 6 week “Get into Tri” program with the Nunawading Triathlon Club back in Jan 2020 and raced in two of the 2XU races that season. She then joined the club formally and continued to train after the season finished. Leading into the 20/21 season and watching my wife train all year for it, I thought I would give it a crack and joined the same 6 week program in Jan 21. It was a big step for me as I have never been a ‘sports’ person but really wanted to improve my health and fitness.

Why I choose CPC: My wife (there is a theme here!) engaged with CPC to help her prepare for both the 2XU season as a whole and, more importantly, her first Olympic distance Tri. After seeing first hand the approach CPC took to coaching, I knew it would be the right choice for me as I felt I needed the structure in the off season as well as ramping up to my first 70.3 in November 2022.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the people, both at the Nunawading Triathlon Club, but as a whole. The triathlon community is so welcoming, supportive and fun! Having so many motivated, happy and helpful people around you has such a positive impact. I also love the races, as I have never played a sport or competed in anything in my life until now. Whilst I am not chasing podiums, it is the thrill, the nerves and adrenalin that you get to experience!

Ultimate Goal:  Still trying to figure this one out… maybe just being able to commit to a goal!!

What I couldn’t live without: Sugar… sigh, I really need to do something about that!!

Biggest love: Overseas travel with my family… it’s been a while!!

Pet peeve!: The lack of common courtesy these days.

Interesting fact about me: I have, what looks like, a second left knee cap. Caused by Osgood Schlatters from when I was a teenager.