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Don’t take our word for it, hear what other athletes have to say…

I can highly recommend Sarah for anyone looking for a coach in regards to running, cycling or triathlon. I’ve been coached by Sarah for about 8 months now and just recently was able to complete my first marathon and with Sarah’s guidance got to the start line fresh and injury free. My training was structured and Sarah was very flexible when work/life issues popped up, her communication and knowledge is second to none!


“I have been with a couple of groups (which I really enjoyed) but I was looking for a more tailored program to suit my needs and capabilities to help me progress and achieve my goal of completing a full Ironman.”


“Have known and admired Sarah and and the way she goes about her coaching for a while and when she moved to Echuca, I was glad to have a local coach that could tweak my old way of thinking to ring a bit more out of an ageing body. I only ever had remote coaches so to have Sarah close by to guide me has been great.”


“I met Sarah at a previous Triathlon club and years later I was really impressed by this bucket of energy who had totally reinvent herself. I loved her philosophy and her realistic smart approach to training.”


“I was introduced to Sarah when I did Busso in 2016. I liked her approach and I was keen to get started with a coach. Over the past five years I have had some work and life challenges and Sarah always takes this on board. She is more than just a coach as she recognises that life can sometimes get in the way and that coaching and training needs to be flexible. Sarah is a coach, at times a councilor and a mate. She looks out for all her athletes.”


“I met Sarah at a Triathlon camp in 2015. I have been following her ever since and made contact in 2019 to get her help me work towards a half iron man. I love her communication, understanding how my schedule works with kids, understands farming life and I love the variety and balance she brings to the programming.”


“As someone who has really burned themselves out training, it was important to me to have a coach who looked at a more holistic approach and balancing training into our lifestyle, and supporting hormones, health and happiness.”


“I’ve been looking for a professional coach for a while. I want to take triathlon to the next level, and while winging it is great in theory, it’s not really practical. Suffering overuse injuries and getting sick before races has made me realise if I want to take triathlon to the next level I can’t do it alone. I asked around and was directed to a few coaches, but I decided on CPC with Sarah. I think you need a coach that has been there, done that and that you can relate to. Someone who has started off with similar experiences and excelled past that to a really high level in the sport, that’s the person I want to learn from. Also the added benefit of understanding us females helps! I’m excited to learn and develop with CPC and get to that next level!