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We share some of our favourite educational, motivational and inspirational films, documentations, movies, clips and podcasts….


If you haven’t listened to this sit down chat with Chelsea and Rich Roll, go and add it to your ‘up next’ list. What an honest, raw and vulnerable conversation on the high of her Kona win, but more notably the mental health challenges she faced getting there and the battle afterwards.
She delves into what makes her tick, what drives her, change, mindset, gender equality and more…


LUCY’S DAD: Ash Bartholomew’s inspiring story at Western States 100

Ash Bartholomew, a runner, a father, a role model. After years of ballot entries, the Australian finally has his name called to take to the starting line of the prestigious Western States 100. At 61 years old, Ash returns to Western States 5 years after watching his daughter Lucy take 3rd place, but this time for his own journey….


WOW. I haven’t watched a doco so enthralling, so emotional, so breathtaking for awhile. This is one to watch! Free diving is an extreme sport, and extreme sports come with extreme risks. This doco follows the journey of a young women who from a young age wanted to be the best free diver in the world. But it took extreme courage, pushing the body to it’s absolute limits, devastation and heartbreak along the way….


PODCAST OF THE WEEK: THE IMPERFECTS: Some things we wish we knew earlier.

I’ve shared a podcast from these guys before. So if you haven’t listened to some of their work before, I highly encourage you to follow them and go back and listen to those that you feel may resonate with you. They are brilliant at interviewing and creating discussions and have had some fantastic guests over the time too.

Bare with me – as the podcast isn’t about sport, or performance at all, it’s about “how perfectly imperfect we all are. Constantly comparing ourselves to others can not only be exhausting, but extremely harmful. However, when we share our struggles, we start to realise that everyone, no matter how successful, has something they are battling with.”

But even though it’s not sport related, so many facets can be related to our every day lives that IMPACTS our sport…

This episode on ’40 things I wish I’d known at 40′ really resonated with me. The part that resonated with me the most was one shared by Ryan Shelton (it also inspired this weeks quote of the week):

“That not every hour of the day and not every day of the week needs to be used ‘productively’ and ‘grinding’. Taking naps, staring at the stars and, sometimes doing nothing are pursuits absolutely necessary for a life of unlimited beauty.”

I spoke with my athletes recently on how this resonated so much with me as I realised I found myself always filling my ‘time’. Often doing at least two things at once, such as I found myself cooking in the kitchen, but listening to a podcast at the same time. Watching TV, but being on the phone too. Playing with the kids, but doing washing at the same time, always having headphones in when I went for a run……

It spoke about ‘Becoming comfortable with boredom again’. And doing just one thing at a time.

A great example is when you are completing a training session. You may be on the trainer, doing a key bike session, but at the same time you are catching up on a netflix show. But by doing this, you truly aren’t present with both, using one as a distraction, with one foot on either side. Instead of being 100% present in what you are trying to do/achieve – in this instance, the trainer session…

Have a listen – see if you can take anything away from this episode that you may change. I for one am going back to allowing my brain some space to think, feel and be more creative again by giving it space to being ‘bored’…


‘What to eat before and after training with Taryn Richardson”

There’s always a lot of information shared in regards to race day fueling, but not as much around pre and post training nutrition. 
I always speak to athletes about nutrition and how important it is – not just for training and racing, but just as importantly, recovery. To be able to recover and adapt to your training sessions and training load comes down to your recovery – which INCLUDES nutrition.
I listened to this podcast during the week discusses this topic primarily for triathletes, but is relevant for runners and cyclists too, It is a great balanced approach to pre and post training fueling and covers in more detail some of the key concepts that I speak to you as athletes about. And it is always good hearing another voice on this topic, especially someone qualified and well rehearsed in this area.  

If you feel your nutrition is holding you back – whether that is due to poor nutrition choices, nutrient timing, or the types of food you are consuming, then please discuss with me.
I have a number of people I can recommend you to to discuss your needs including naturopaths and sports dieticians. Because just like training, nutrition is so individual,
And remember post training the Three R’s: Refuel. Repair. Revitalise. Rehydrate.

Organic food. Fresh vegetables and spices with legumes. On a wooden background.

“We can empower each other and ride each other up by just backing each other. Just saying as simple things, as I believe you can do that, shoot for the stars, try your best, but without the pressure of, you fail if you don’t make it. It’s more about you succeeded because you tried…” `Lucy Bartholomew. 

This is a documentary film that follows Ultra Runner Lucy Bartholomew as she runs the 231km Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory Australia. From Lucy’s early beginnings into the sport of Ultra running, the film looks behind the curtain into the raw and upfront realities of ultra-running and the undertaking of a project on this scale. The film shines a light on going beyond limits, the value of community, and showcasing some of the most beautiful landscapes of central Australia.

A great one to watch as the human physical and mental limits are pushed.  She was in tears and you could hear it in her voice “I’m way over my head….I don’t think I can do this….I’m doubting my ability as a runner, I don’t feel as confident as I used to feel in previous runs”