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“We can empower each other and ride each other up by just backing each other. Just saying as simple things, as I believe you can do that, shoot for the stars, try your best, but without the pressure of, you fail if you don’t make it. It’s more about you succeeded because you tried…” `Lucy Bartholomew. 

This is a documentary film that follows Ultra Runner Lucy Bartholomew as she runs the 231km Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory Australia. From Lucy’s early beginnings into the sport of Ultra running, the film looks behind the curtain into the raw and upfront realities of ultra-running and the undertaking of a project on this scale. The film shines a light on going beyond limits, the value of community, and showcasing some of the most beautiful landscapes of central Australia.

A great one to watch as the human physical and mental limits are pushed.  She was in tears and you could hear it in her voice “I’m way over my head….I don’t think I can do this….I’m doubting my ability as a runner, I don’t feel as confident as I used to feel in previous runs”