Understanding your training – The Preparatory Phase

We are currently in the Preparatory or General Base Preparation Phase of your training cycle. The Preparatory phase of training offers a great opportunity to double down on the key fundamentals of this phase. There is a focus on improvement, as always, but with a reduced overall load and intensity compared to your race phase.

This phase of the program is normally around 8-12 weeks, and aims to work on followingkey fundamentals of this predatory / general base phase including: . 

  • Developing / creating sound habits
  • Technical development
  • Strength development
  • End of range / top end work
  • Aerobic development (low heart rate / MAF)
  • Lower demands on time and effort

All live training sessions, coaching conversations and programming are centered around the type of work appropriate for this time of year and the phase of training and is VERY different to race phase training, so remember this. 

Session structure
You may have already noticed the progression (and your development) being made through a number of different ways in our program. This can be seen in individual session progressions (ie more reps), progression in duration and / or intensity. So knowing and understanding this can help you appreciate the purpose behind each session and know that each session has a purpose for where it is and when it is. So when you are asked to go easy, make sure you do. So that when you are asked to go HARD, you can. If you can’t master the art of easy and hard, then you are selling yourself and missing out on finding your true athletic potential. 

You will also notice that I provide scalability in each of your sessions. So that on any given day, depending on how you feel, know that you have the ability to scale the session. This could be the duration, dropping the number of intervals, or scaling back the intensity. Your program is fluid and flexible. Always start a session with the intent of completing as prescribed, BUT if you cannot for some reason (ie fatigue, short on time etc) then follow the instructions on scaling the session and chat to me afterwards if needed. 

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