In Profile: Darren McKemmish

A humble guy from country Victoria, who can’t live without oxygen – or laughter! 😉 Relatively new to the sport but has made his way from riding an old repaired bike, to preparing for his first Ironman!

Name: Darren McKemmish

Nickname: Dazzler – I just am!

Age / Age Group: 52 years young

Lives: Echuca, northern Victoria

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: My first tri was a local country race in Cohuna March 2017, so that makes it just on 4 years !

How did you get started: : I found an old bike and repaired it then my mate Mick said why don’t you come riding we would go every Sunday 30 km loop I was terrible had to stop and rest. Only a couple of years later though and I now regularly ride 100+kms !

Why I choose CPC: I heard great reviews, I felt like I needed structure in my training, and helps that I’m a local too !

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I love the social side , being fit , challenged, sense of achievement, joy 🙂

Ultimate Goal: Ironman!

What I couldn’t live without: Oxygen…. sorry actually laughter 😉

Biggest love: Country Life

Pet peeve!: When technology doesn’t do what it should (I think we can all relate there!)

Interesting fact about me: I’ve seen a lyre bird. Did you know they have the ability to mimic almost any sound?! Fascinating birds!

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