Melbourne Racing Action. Podiums, PB’s and more!

What another cracking day yesterday for Race 4 of the 2XU Triathlon Series in Melbourne, with this race being held on the slightly tougher course at Sandringham.

We had some incredible individual performance from our athletes over the Sprint and Olympic distance events. Each with their own back story and race experience. And this is what it’s all about. It really isn’t just about what time is on the clock at the end, or what place you finish in your category. It is about the training, the challenges, the personal satisfaction, of the time, effort, sweat and dedication to just stand on a start line. Of letting go of fears or insecurities, of comparisons. Of being out there for YOU and no one else.

And as a Coach, I get to experience ALL of that with my athletes. I truly feel privileged to share those experiences. Not just the rewards and accolades at the end. So hats off to EVRY competitor out there racing. Of putting yourself out there, whether you feel ‘ready’ or not. Of whether you hit a PB or not. But pushing yourself regardless and enjoying this amazing sport of triathlon!


Jo Clarke: 1ST F 35-39
Swim 14:10, Bike 32:41, Run 20:02: Overall 1:12.22
Cracking first race back after 2 years. Could not of asked from more!

Ollie McNulty: 3RD Clydesdales Swim 15:54, Bike 38:04, Run 25:35, Overall 1:28.08
He’s been super consistent in training, and each race he’s been inching closer to that podium. Today he cracked it ! And with a most impressive run also. Great work !

Esther Toh: 11TH F 45-49 Swim 15:44, Bike 40:44, Run 29:04, Overall 1:31.59
After a year of focusing on an ultra run, we went in with no expectations. As daunting as that can be when you know you haven’t trained specifically for a race, nothing can stop you once the gun goes off! And a slight side fact – this same race she did way back in 2022 (10 years ago!) she has finished with pretty much exact same splits as this year. Not a bad feat !!

Evelyn Wilton: 16TH F 45-49 Swim 19:09, Bike 42:02, Run 33:44, Overall 1:42.49
She keeps chipping away and with each race, new learnings. With her first Olympic distance on the horizon, these races have been great for experience and a good overall training race.

Rachel Dols 1ST F25-29 Swim 23:39, Bike 1:08.43, Run 44:41, Overall 2:23.25
What can I say. A bloody mighty fine effort !! She’s been working her arse off, is one of the most diligent athletes I know, and with a diagnosis only this week of External Iliac Artery Endofibrosis – to go out and push through the PAIN of such a condition and win in such a convincing fashion while in so much immense pain is beyond me. My hat goes off to you young lady! If you want to follow Rach on her journey through here training, racing and her diagnosis follow on the socials here

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