Making Space

I haven’t written a blogpost in ages. Since July 2021 to be exact! Yes I’ve written up race results and share our athletes amazing achievements. And I write regular newsletters and do I haven’t written a blogpost in ages. Since July 2021 to be exact! Yes I’ve written up race results and share our athletes amazing achievements. And I write regular newsletters and post a weekly video blog for our crew, but I haven’t sat down and ‘written’ about something that just resonates with me, or something I am passionate about, or to share an experience or my knowledge in over 8 months. But it wasn’t until I did something last week that made me realise this was missing. It took me stepping away and making some space to realise that I missed writing. That I missed sharing this with my athletes, friends and the wider triathlon and endurance community. So I encourage every athlete (read person!) to keep reading, and check in with what I did, to see if there is something you are missing also…. But you just didn’t realise…..

What was it? Keep reading – as I share my experience and lightbulb moment…

I recently spent a whole 1.5days (!) away from home. Away from my kiddos, away from hubby, away from work, and ‘everyday life’ and spent it catching up with some special girlfriends, as well as having pampering afternoon at a day spa. Something hubby had bought for my birthday nearly 3 years ago but something I just hadn’t made a priority to use. We’d been back to Melbourne numerous times since we moved to the country, I could have easily ducked back anytime also, so I’ve had many opportunities to use this voucher but ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I can’t I have too much work on’ always seemed to be the answer. Plus who would look after the kids, do the washing, the cooking and generally just ensure the household ran as I liked it. ;-p  

Yet I would make training a priority, I’d always make time for family, I’d attend friends birthdays and gatherings, I’d organise outings with the kids. (You get the picture) but when it came to giving back to me, I would always falter. ‘I don’t need that. I don’t need the afternoon off, I don’t need a pamper, I don’t need a night away from our children‘….. 

What I had forgotten was it isn’t always about what is needed on the surface, but what is truly needed on the inside. And that ‘life’ will still be there, and it will still function even if you step away for a moment (or two). 

Hubby WILL be able to get the kids to kinder (albeit late) 😜 he will be able to feed them, work can wait one day. Washing can too! Because this ‘stuff’ really doesn’t matter. 

And most importantly. Others will understand. And if they value you, they will actually encourage you too. ENCOURAGE you to take a break, a moment to yourself, (and no mums – going to do the grocery shopping by yourself is not a ‘break’ as much as it might feel like it). 

Granted some of my time away from home was work – because two birds and all that, but most of this time was purely for me. To do as I pleased. And man it was exactly what I needed and I didn’t even realise it. And boy do I feel AMAZING! 

So my friends and I made plans to catch up for brunch. And I booked in that LONG overdue pamper session. I literally unplugged. For 3hrs! 😲 I can’t remember the last time that happened! There was no outside / external stimuli in the infrared sauna, in the float tank, or during my relaxation massage. (Oh and what a novelty – a massage that doesn’t turn your muscles into pulp, and you can actually nearly nod off!!) 🤣 It was just me. In my own headspace, in my own mind. Reflecting. Imagining. Creating. Exploring. Sitting with happy thoughts, and uncomfortable feelings. Feeling some home truths, and using these to enrich my day to day life. For ME. Because if I do it for me first and foremost, then that will flow and resonate into those in my life and into my work. 

But without stepping away I likely wouldn’t still have written a blog. And you most definitely wouldn’t be reading this one. It took me stepping away to actually come back and make the time. Because I love sharing my experiences and my learning and my knowledge, as a coach, as an athlete and as a mother. I hope that by sharing, others will resonate and take something away. Because although I write to share with others. Primarily I write for myself, because I love it. And the by product is others get to share in that too. So as much as I write for others, first and foremost I write for me. 

So this is YOUR reminder to not get so stuck in that daily routine, the weekly grind, that before you know it another year has passed and you haven’t done something TRULY for yourself. 

Go fill up your cup! Even if just a little bit. It doesn’t have to be that week long health retreat with yoga and mindfulness every day. It can simply be some time in nature (unplug!) it can be turning your phone off for the day (how liberating !), giving yourself space to set / reset some goals, or new boundaries, or plan something amazing! But often without giving yourself the ‘space’ you may never find it…. Ever wonder why writers / business owners / entrepreneurs go away on writers/business retreats? It’s where they give themselves the space to allow MAGIC to happen! Away from the ‘busyness’ of every day life.

BUT don’t bring any guilt along with you. Mum/dad guilt not allowed in the space of giving back to YOU. Because by giving back to yourself, you ARE giving back to your family, or your business, or your work. 

I came back with so much more clarity, feeling more relaxed and also more grateful. For the love that I have for my family. And for the work that I do with and for my athletes. And no-one should ever feel guilty about that. 🙌🏻

So here’s to making the space in your life for not just the things you need to do, but the things you WANT to do, and LOVE to do. Those things that light your fire.

Oh – and thanks to my hubby for firstly gifting me my pamper session and then allowing the space for me to enjoy. 🙌🏻

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