CPC Athletes shine at Ironman Australia

Ironman Australia in Port Macquarie, race wrap up and results

It was an awesome day for the return or Ironman racing in Port Macquarie! Including the Ironman 140.6 and 70.3 Half race distances.

Rain had dumped over night (and most nights leading in!) making for a soggy transition, but a beautiful morning to kick start the day. Athletes took to a calming sunrise swim, a little tide made for some slightly slower times, but the cloud cover aided in easy sighting. Light rain came down on the bike and there was a bit of wind around (and hills!) 😜😜 but this didn’t dampen anyone’s spirit! Overall it was a nice mild temp, overcast and the rain (mostly) dried up for the run, leaving a little humidity, but otherwise they were pretty good conditions for racing!

The day started with our Half Ironman Distance athletes and what great races they each had including a first place finish for Caroline Houston!

Once the 70.3 athletes were out on the bike course the full distance athletes started their day. The swim for many in the Ironman is a source of anxiety, but knowing they had done the work, and with plans in place, each came out of the water with great swims and in control of their races from the get go. Regan showed her swimming prowess coming out of the water in second place and set herself up for a great race.

Out onto the bike course – which isn’t an easy one, with around 1400m of climbing over the full distance – including the famous Matthew Flinders Hill, and all on rough roads and it definitely takes it out of your legs. But each athlete had their race and nutrition plans set and worked their way around the 180km course.

But as many know, it’s the run in where the Ironman really becomes one. Over do the bike and it WILL come and bite you on the run. Start out too fast, and you will know about it later. Pacing is KEY. And what amazing work our Ironman athletes did. In control. Ticking the boxes (kms) as they went. Was so good to be out there cheering each of them on. Special mention also to athlete Janelle who made the trek and offered her support on course also!


Caroline Houston 7:14.25, 1ST F65-69 !
Sarah Mulkearns 5:06.38, 4TH F40-44.
Sharon Smith 7:04.11, 11TH F55-59
Full results here.

Regan Hollioake 10:28.27, 3RD F30-34, and 5TH AG female overall. FIRST IRONMAN.
Darren McKemmish 14:38.19, M50-54. FIRST IRONMAN.
Ollie McNulty 15:37.38, M45-49. FIRST IRONMAN.
Full results here.

Next up: Ironman Cairns 140.6 and 70.3 Half in 5 weeks on Sunday 12 June. We have 4 athletes racing including:

Dane Miggiani and Rachel Dols – both prepping for their first FULL distance.
Dave Baxter and Steve Gray – both racing the Half Distance.

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