In Profile: Esther Toh

A former ‘model’ who speaks 4 languages, Esther has some lofty goals alongside working full time and a mum of one…

Name: Esther

Nickname: The Bomb

Age Group: 40-49F

Lives: Gladstone Park, Vic

Targeted Sport: Triathlon

Years in the Sport: Since 2000!

How I got started: This is so long ago. Back in my Uni days, we had triathlon as one of the activity studies. I was not too fond of it back then as I didn’t know how to ride a bike or swimming – I’m from Malaysia and being a city girl. After graduation, I got a job in Singapore and I was lonely and started to do some form of exercise and got into a group of cyclists. Then, one thing led to another and started racing there and in Malaysia. I continued to race when I came back to Melbourne – and I’m still going !

Why I choose CPC: I was attending an online course about the Female Health & Performance. I was interested to know how to train “properly” as an endurance athlete and around the female menstrual cycle. I proposed this question to the presenter and didn’t quite get the answer from her. An attendee suggested Sarah and I looked her up. I am amazed with Sarah’s knowledge and I always admired female athletes that could juggle with family, business, training, etc and still perform so well. I have been racing for many years on my own due to most triathlon groups training sessions doesn’t suit me and don’t understand my needs. Sarah is able to plan a program that suits my working schedule and most importantly able to match up my menstrual cycle which is awesome.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: Discipline and commitment.

Ultimate Goal: Top 10 in my aged group. A podium finisher would be nice.

What I couldn’t live without: Peanut butter as a pre-fuel before training!

Biggest love: I love the commadarie of the sport that I managed to make some friends and race together.

Pet peeve!: Minimal movement !

Interesting fact about me: I speak 4 languages – English, Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin. I had an opportunity modelled for 2 magazines when I was working in Singapore – In Style and Women’s Weekly.

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