Racing to PBs, podiums and bigger things !

We had athletes take on a number of races over the past weekend, each with their own goals, their own journeys and their own stories, but one things remain constant. Each athlete took LOTS from their ability to race, and had ‘fun’ pushing their bodies to their physical and mental limits on the day. And that’s what it’s all about ! The results are a bonus!

A slightly tougher day on course this year compared to 2020. With a little current in the swim and some nice wind to greet athletes on the bike. But this is what racing is all about. Facing what the day gives us and working our race plans around that. Pre-race chats, and athletes were confident – with a few nerves thrown in for good measure. But athletes can always go in with confidence with sound race plans in place – and this doesn’t mean just focusing on the outcome. This means having a sound PROCESS in place, focusing on your own personal performance – and not that of other competitors, and controlling what you CAN control – your self-control and your own mental discipline. And simply give 100% of what you have on that day. Do this, and you will give yourself the best possible chance to have a well-executed and enjoyable race day. (you can read more on our race day mentality strategies here)

Trav Hore: 35:33 swim, 2:34 bike, 1:59 run, 5:18:08 overall.
With a 15min PB from this course last year, and 7min PB overall. And a goal of a sub 2hour run. You couldn’t have asked for a better executed race. Trav is well on his way to a good showing at his next Ironman coming up! A strong all round performance and great confidence booster.

Ollie McNulty: 40:39 swim, 3:05 bike, 2:30 run, 6:27:57 overall.
We went in this race with one goal in mind. To have a nice consistent race as part of his training for his first FULL and get some take aways to assist us with the remainder of his IM build. And goal was achieved!

Caroline Houston: 54:08 swim, 3:36 bike, 2:25 run, 7:08 overall. 2nd F65-69
A longer day on course than planned, but in the same token, this race was thrown into the mix only a month or so ago. Why not! We said, with last years races wiped off the calendar, why not race 2 halves within a couple of months. 😉 And although she didn’t want recognition for her 2nd place finish – recognition is being given! Out yourself on the start line, no matter how many in your age group, and you are entitled to bask in your glory! 🙂 Well done C on a positive attitude and your discipline to training and racing as always.

Esther Toh: 36:24 swim, 3:09 bike, 2:24 run, 6:17:46 overall.
What a fantastic video wrap up Esther posted in our private FB group. Goes to show her attitude and outlook on racing. The main message? She ENJOYED racing the Half IM again. She did her first (and only other) HIM in 2013 prior to starting coaching with CPC last year and she didn’t enjoy herself. She didn’t think she would actually do another one again. But alas, here she is, 8 years later. She put in tremendous amount of discipline and work to fit her training around her family and work commitments, and is a testament to ‘getting the job done’. A solid race. WELL DONE.

Darren McKemmish: 38:54 swim, 2:56 bike, 2:01 run, 5:47 overall
Always with a smile, he started and finished in that fashion! Darren went into this as a training race – for bigger fish to fry in the coming months as he prepares for his first Ironman. We set a solid race plan leading in, and our goals were pretty much smack on! A great confidence boosting race, with a solid ‘training race under his belt, as well as some key takeaways that will lead him in good stead over the coming weeks.

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Elise Fookes put her runners back on after focusing on cycling for the past few years. Without us preparing specifically for this event, we thought ‘why not’! Go out. Have fun, and enjoying being back out on the start line of a triathlon again! The plan? Letting go of any expectations, and simply racing to feel and for fun! The result? “the half distance I did 3years ago almost felt easier than the sprint!” 😂 We had a great chuckle at this – as short course racing does NOT mean easy racing. Well done Elise for putting yourself out there even when not ‘race ready‘.

A tough 22km trail run from Mt Buller Village, Mt Stirling to Mt Buller Summit and return to Mt Buller Village, covering 1200+mtrs of elevation

Louise Organ: A solid performance with a podium finish! 2nd Female over the 22km distance. Louise summed up her race afterwards: “Pretty brutal climbing up Mt Stirling and Mt Buller. Awful weather the day before, and training with a broken toe foe a month. Ready for a wine and a shower!”. A well deserved break now Lou, great work!

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