Athlete in Profile: Sonia Commins

Our newest athlete on in the CPC Team. A mother. A business owner. A wife. And a farmer. For most that would be enough! But there’s nothing like having your own personal challenges and goals to keep her physically and mentally happy and healthy, not only for herself, but also for her family…..

Name: Sonia Commins

Nickname: Although I beg to differ Flash was given to me by a former coach it was ironic because that was my sons nickname given to him for his run speed she said the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and so the name stuck

Age / Age Group: 48 naughty forties age doesn’t embarrass me it’s just a number!

Lives: Junee in the Riverina NSW

Targeted Sport: Running and triathlon

Years in the Sport: 8years of competitions but always ran recreationally

How did you get started: Always ran for fun, and I had some friends starting to do running races so I tagged along and then just kept going !

Why I choose CPC: I knew of Sarah during my time at holistic endurance so was aware of the same training principles that appeal to me.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: It simply gives me the enjoyment of doing something for myself to make me a better person through mind and body of which benefits can then flow on to my family…

Ultimate Goal:  To continue on in my chosen sport for as long I can

What I couldn’t live without: My family

Biggest love: Also my family !

Pet peeve!: Selfishness and jealousy

Interesting fact about me: I like to make quilts at night by hand in my “downtime” and own a patchwork store in Cootamundra. 🙂

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