Athlete in Profile: Elise Fookes

Fun and freedom on the bike (oh and puppies!) are what she loves, but want a competition, then self professed competitive person Elise will be up to the challenge!

Name: Elise Fookes

Nickname: Someone needs to make one up for me !

Age / Age Group: 30-34

Lives: Melbourne

Targeted Sport: Cycling, but also dabbling in a little bit of triathlon occasionally

Years in the Sport: Around 5 years for cycling. Maybe 4 for triathlon but I’ve also just had a 3 year hiatus from tri racing thanks to injuries and uni studies! Oh, and COVID cancelling everything last year.

How did you get started: I used to play somewhat competitive basketball, but after work and uni studies got in the way of training I found the bike for fun and fitness, and haven’t looked back! Some of my friends had recently bought road bikes, then naturally I took it to a more obsessive and competitive level 🤷‍♀️

Why I choose CPC: I can’t organise myself 😂 but really I love the approach of fitting training around work/life, and having a more flexible approach to a training program.

What I ‘get’ from my sport: I’ve always loved challenging myself through different sports. And I’ve met heaps of people through cycling and triathlon, it’s just fun to be part of a supportive crew with a common interest!

Ultimate Goal: To have fun and try to stay injury free! I’ve got some smaller more specific bike and tri goals, but I think I’ll keep them secret for now 🤫

What I couldn’t live without: Bikes and puppies. I’m a simple person.

Biggest love: My dog (Kobe) and cat (Finn) 😂

Pet peeve!: People who can’t accept a female might ride faster than them, so they need to play the good old game of leapfrog 🙄

Interesting fact about me: I can turn basically anything into a competition. Or in to a conversation about dogs. Try me.

Socials: Instagram

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